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This deck is incredible and exactly what I needed today! I'm looking forward to using this in all sorts of games to quickly and easily develop or give character to NPCs.

It's a great idea, executed superbly!


the wordplay alone in these job descriptions is a delight. Looking forward to seeing how this is expanded & used! I hope you don't mind if I riff on some of these for tabletop or roleplay characters? (will DEFINITELY credit!)

I look forward to buying a copy and regenerating the community pool in the future.

Thanks so much, and go for it! They are absolutely intended to be a deck to pull characters to play from, among other things.


Y'know when something's so good you get mad? I got physically angry reading the descriptions for Shepherd's Crook and Badger and then I bought it about six seconds later. Here I am, seething over Ghost Writer and Boom Operator. Don't get me started on Skyscraper. 

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This deck is daring, dauntless, and darling. I can't wait to seed many worlds with its wonders. Thank you!

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